Let me take you on a ride to the old charming world.

“I want the world to shrink again.
Back to the days where we’d be real once more.

Untouched, unadulterated by the media houses.

Greeted by the sincere wishes, where people would feel those heartfelt compliments.

While there was little technology, but the hearts were large.

Where families would unite over every festival and celebrate together.

When the ring of telephone meant a new surprise, of some distant relative visiting soon.

When the beloved envelope brought by the postman, carrying the wishes of loved ones distances away was more valued than a treasure.

While we would play in the streets and see airplanes passing over our heads.

When Sunday meant “maggi day”!

When value of that small special marble ball was more than everything in the world.

When we had those antique phones.

That old furniture, that “khatka” switch, those old books with the damp smell of years of moisture.

That special kisme bar, the treat of every birthday party.

That old radio set, with Vividh Bharati always on it.

The Sunday special show of a movie on DD.

That old vespa/chetak scooter.

Those beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

Those open fields, with free growing grass and huge trees.

Those Pepsi pouches at Rs.1.

Those village roads, with crops all around.

That old chimney lamp.

That beautiful portrait of great grandparents.

Those little fights and reconciliations.

Those festivities, with the neighbors.

Those joys of life. Freedom and happiness.

That absolute peace in the world, is my greatest desire.



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