Entrance exams?

To all aspirants of this year, preparing for Engineering/medical entrances,
You will come across many who will say that there are many things other than IITs/AIIMS in life, that they too suffered the same and somehow life got back on track etc.
That getting a good college is not everything in life.
Nobody talks about that period of darkness where low marks mean limited choices, continuous comparison of yourself with your peers who have qualified in front of your eyes and harassment by the society.
(Yes its harassment. Asking someone to explain the reason why they couldn’t do something when you already know the results is pure harassment.)

What is the reason for you chasing down these top institutions?
Because your parents heard somewhere that you’ll get more money? A better life after graduating? More peace of mind and social status?
Or simply because you wanted to dedicate your life to the marvellous achievements of science/technology and invent something great and leave your mark on the world? Like Tesla/Newton?

I’m damn sure very less percent of you would belong to the second category.
Unfortunately our Indian Education system doesn’t promote innovative thinking.
It promotes “Marks”.

” Beta maths me sirf 17/50? Log kya bolenge? Naak katwa di humari tumne to..izzat dubo Dii.”

“Beta result ka kya hua? Ohoo..koi baat nahi beta, humare bete se puch lo, WO ache se bata dega, uske 50/50 hain. *smirks*”.

Society too has the same role for making a student think about something as horrific as suicide as an option.

Juniors, budding engineers and doctors, mark my words;
“You’re not your marks. You’re not your college. You’re not how much money you have in your bank. You’re not obligated to follow the instructions of this ” Dog-eat-dog” world.

You’re an independent soul, born onto this earth to carve your own way into the wilderness. You don’t need to follow the herd. You’re much more than just a mark sheet, more than a head in the crowd.
There’s something very special about each one of us. Its just about time when you discover it.

Go out and follow your heart. Confront your parents. Ask a counsellor. Talk with people who share the same interests as you.

When life closes a door, it opens some new. Its up to you to discover.
And ending your life is never an option. Stick that note in your head.
May you stand tall and unaffected in the coming hurdles.
All the best!


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