I’m Offended!!


The single most used term on social platforms nowadays. Being offended is something which has become as common as Vadapav.
Conditions are so deep that you can never write about a certain topic without offending someone or the other nowadays.

Write about education? Management is offended.
Write about women? Brace yourself for feminist war.
Write about men? Well again brace yourself for feminist wars(Think deep).
Let’s not get even started on that..

What we, the 140-character-generation is lacking is the perception of something from a different angle.
Something which feels right to you may feel offensive to others. And vice versa.

Try stepping into the shoes of someone, see the world through their eyes once. Your conscience will expand and you’ll experience a greater sense of fulfillment.
Merely judging someone and getting offended/offensive is never an indication of a healthy minded society.
Always think and act!


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