Instagram: WTF?


(Self written)
Warning: Sensitive Content ahead!

Just installed Instagram 3 days before to have a taste of what is Facebook with just photos and videos of people.

Results were unexpected:

1. Uncomfortable envy to see that friend who had uploaded their pic without me.
2. An insight into what greatest thing on earth others are doing while I’m wasting my life away.
3. Fake sense of pride on receiving compliments like looking cool/good/hot/cold/wtf.
4. Number of followers increases exponentially with amount of time you’ve invested in your looks.
5. Giving a push to the notion of “what looks good is actually good” while its not true.

And it was all in just 3 days!!

Instagram is just a friggin waste of time and tiresome to the mind which is constantly busy in comparing looks of others with yourself to instigate a sense of fake supremacy or inferiority while you’re busy liking that pic away of people whom you won’t even like to talk with in real life and this is how the whole process of reality shows works and this is how social media has been manipulating people over the years and as a result fake people with great looks are given priority over mindful people while the actual people are cast away as being boring and this is how relationships fail with increase in doubts within partners and companies force you into buying their products so that you could look good enough to stand up to the expectations of people around you or to be more precise can impress them enough so that they use even better product the next time and the cycle goes on and on and all this while the corporations are making more and more money while your identities are being sold everywhere so that more and more ads could be shown to you and force you into buying things you don’t need with money you don’t have to impress people you don’t like and If you’re reading this till the end you’re one of those people who wish to see and explore a being beyond just looks and I can’t believe this paragraph doesn’t have a single stop in between and still you’re reading it proves that there are people who still believe in communication and other behavioral skills over just looking someone and judging them within a second and yeah thanks for reading and I’m ready for harsh comments if anyone wants to have a genuine discussion.

Verdict: Uninstalling Instagram right now!



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