(+)ive vibes!

Self written:
(+)ive vibes!

The imagination knows no limits.
So, let’s imagine something beautiful.
Something illustrious, a blessing to the eye.
A piece of art.
Something which your mind conjures up when in Bliss.
Be it Serene Green Hills,
A quiet tranquil forest,
Sounds of the night,
Calm of the ocean waves,
A flowing river,
The silent gasp of winds across the snow mountains.

Immerse yourself into your imagination.
Go deeper.
Forget about the rest of the universe, just live in this moment. Let it create an aura around you.
Calm down.

Let the time flow, and feel yourself complete.
A whole entity.
Fill all the voids in your life in this moment.

There, my friend, you’ve achieved the state of “Peace”.

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