#Pseudofeminism: Where the hell are we heading to?
A recent event in CCD Jaipur where a guy was slapped and shamed and filmed and booked under the charges of “Harassment” shows that more and more people are aware of how easy is it to use the Law in favour of themselves just by using the words “Molested and harassed”.
These two words have the power to freak the living daylights out of anyone because the next thing they know, they end up in prison.
Just because the female said she was “teased and commented upon” and she felt “uncomfortable”.

Okay, these laws were made to protect women and makes it easy for them to report sexual offenders, which was a good thing in itself, until they discovered the major flaw in this law : The complainant’s side is never questioned whether they are truthful or not.😐
This flaw has countless men and their families suffering since years behind the circus of biased and outdated law system our countrymen rely upon.
You can literally get away with anything if you have money, power and enough “Aukaat”. But majority of our people aren’t so politically connected or born with a silver spoon.

So all it takes basically to get shit done is a single warning sounding like “Molestation ka case laga dungi, andar ho jayega!”.
More and more fake cases are being reported every year under fake Molestation/rape charges.

Moreover the “PROUD MEDIA” we have in this country is more than happy to jump to conclusions right at the beginning without even confirming the facts. (Remember the Jasleen- sarabjeet case/Rohtak sisters case?)

There’s no point in writing this. Because things won’t change just by an online article.
Where are we heading towards with this type of scenario presently?


Someday someone would be in genuine need of help. That someone could be from your family, your friend circle, your special someone.

That day none of the educated/sanskaari morons like us would step up to help, because by then we would have seen enough shit of fake cases and even staged cases.
We don’t want to be involved in shit like this, because we have someone waiting at home.
And like everyone, we don’t want to be involved in legal disputes.

So, what exactly needs to be changed?

1. Counter case allowed on grounds of suspicious cases of these type, where an independent jury decides the truthfulness of either party involved.

2. Heavy fine/penalties/imprisonment provision for when a fake case is discovered. This will discourage the Gold diggers and other types, who misuse the law for personal vengeance or just for getting famous.

If these steps are implemented there will be at least some relief to those suffering under the fake charges and facing unwanted prison time.

(Only suggestions and healthy comments are allowed. Please don’t create a battlefield online.)



One comment

  1. By Saumya Sharma:
    A large amount of news media filled with the news of rapes, domestic violence, videos of violence on women because they didn’t comply with the so called “culture” of the country, and here we have the audacity to discuss that one case of CCD above all.
    First of all, if it is so easy for a girl to make a guy look like a molester, it is because of the number of molestation cases in the country, all of which cannot be fake. Men have reasons to hate those molesters and rapist as much as women, they have destroyed your image.
    We are a democratic country. Even if they end up in prison, they are not convicted directly, they get a chance to keep their point.
    The complainant’s side is ALWAYS questioned, sometimes more than necessary.
    If a girl decides to take revenge by filing a fake charge, that isn’t pseudo feminism. That has nothing to do with feminism. That is stupidity. The same kind of stupidity that guys show when they spread dirty rumours about a girl or call her slut just because a “no” was too much for his ego.
    If you really want this to stop, take a stand and slap that guy who can’t stop staring at her butt, who touches her inappropriately in the bus, who whistles like it’s not a big deal, who rapes and molests. Believe me, if it weren’t for them, it wouldn’t have been so easier for women to draft a fake charge. It would’ve been so much more easier for us to trust men.
    I’m a feminist, and you should be too. They are the ones you should fight, not us


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