Evolution? Or reverse?

Recent years have seen great developments in every field and stream in India. Be it technology, sciences, education, economy, medical and businesses, every sector has bloomed up. Youth have got smarter, people are finally realizing what we possess the potential of.

However, there have also been developments in riots, fake cases, unjust judiciary, fake news reportings, honor killings, and uprisings against the state. Especially in Kashmir.

What the whole world has taken advantage of, since ages, is the incredible ease with which we, the Indian masses can be manipulated to do almost anything. Every invader ever, who has set foot in India, who couldn’t win against the brave Kings of this ancient subcontinent, has tried and successfully tested this technique of Divide And Rule. Be it Mongols, Mughals, various other dynasties, The Britishers, and now some blood sucking parasites from Pakistan, Bangladesh and even China.

The rule is simple: deprive an area of some important commodity like food or water with help of corruption, which is fairly easy with money, ask the people to do something of your favour to get those commodities back and voila! You’ve completed your mission.

This is what has been happening since ancient times of Ashoka and Chanakya, and this is what will keep on happening forever. The dirty political tactics played all over the world have the same effect in India and it’s people too. We’re ready to lose our identity as soon as a bundle of notes is wagged in front of us. We can sell our motherland to some white skinned businessmen just like we did some 300 years ago. We become their “Ghulam” just for some more money. While failing to realise that they are the original causes for our poverty.

We, the Indian crowd are so naive, so malleable, so soft-headed that we can’t differentiate between the selfish good and collective good. We just want to fill our pockets, fill our kith and kin’s pockets, basically live the life slogging off all the while, while failing to realise that we’re being used. We’re being manipulated. By Corporations, by governments, by so called government servants, by the western powers, by people who want to extract out whatever wealth was left of after the British left India.

The only natural wealth India possesses right now is the Youth. Youth, who is falling prey to the endless vicious cycle of money. Youth, who has become a slave to drugs, to pseudo power and social status obsessions. Youth, which is working days and nights out of their lives, just for a little better lifestyle, as the corporations show them, and we, being the soft headed that we are, believe them blindly.

We are ready to bash a company just because of a derogatory remark by it’s CEO. We become ready to kill our own countrymen because some politician says so in his Speech. We are ready to kill people over an imaginary celestial figure who nobody has ever seen?

Just because they don’t believe in your religion, you are ready to kill them? Because they don’t listen to your politician you kill them?

The concept of money and power has blinded people so much that they’ve forgotten the basic values embedded in their DNA.

There are elements in this country who feed on the money supplied via some traitors, some people with no spine of their own, who are busy in breaking up this country into pieces bit by bit.

Be it infiltration from Pakistan or Bangladesh, be it various terrorist attacks or be it those who file a Mercy petition for terrorists and label their justful killings as “Violation of human rights’. These people need to be uprooted and sent to the same hell whose money they’ve been eating and flourishing on.

Courts open at 3 in the morning for a Mercy petition of a terrorist but the same authority can’t provide a clear-cut solution to those who try to disrupt the harmony of the nation? They can’t even jail a person because he absconds with money and power? Who is at fault here?

Time only moves forward, and so we should.

It’s too late that we realise what is going on behind the whole power and money play. There’s a mammoth-scale foul play at work, whose only motive is to break the integrity of this nation into a thousand pieces, just like the British did. All they want is to see this Greatest nation of Earth burn into pieces.

What can we do?


Yes educate. The more educated a person becomes the more his mind opens up. The more he can realize the working of the ways of the world.

Especially in Kashmir, and in various other states and disputed regions, wherever there is lack of education, food, basic necessities, the “traitors” see this as a great opportunity to generate hatred against the nation in it’s own people.

The youth is the only population living in the present. Continuously evolving and adapting. It’s the greatest power of a nation.

We, need to get United.

We need to realize the rights and wrongs.

We need to separate religion from politics. And politics from everything else.

Because if WE don’t do it now, the nation’s going to lose itself forever to the traitors. It’s time.

How do we do that?

Identify the most basic corruption near you, up to the corruption done by a multimillionaire Corporation. Raise your voice. Bring them down to their knees. Don’t let them get away.

Don’t give a flying monkey to the politicians who want to slay people or who urge you to do a violent act. There is absolutely no collective good in that, always personal vengeance.

Don’t bow down to a corrupt system. Never.

Raise your voice, you’ll be heard and you will matter.

The only thing that matters in the long run, is the nation. We were not here back then, we won’t be here after a few years. But this Greatest nation on Earth, The Bharat, was here for the last 5000 years and will be here for the next 5000+ years also.

Let’s act collectively before these foreign termites eat up the whole nation.

“United we stand, Divided we fall”.

Jai Hind!!


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