The Concept of “Fitting-in”.

Have you ever wondered where does a human learn how to behave a certain way?

Ever thought why do we have to dress up a certain way, eat in a standard way, talk a certain way?

Most of you can answer that this is required to function and communicate effectively in the society. Yes, it is like that.

But, aren’t the things going too hard?

Take Bollywood for instance, by which a huge number of human beings are affected in our country.

Bollywood teaches us that the standard definition of success is a humongous house, a luxury fleet of cars, a trophy wife, suits and glass cubicles.

In case of love, Bollywood again objectifies women and reinstates the stupid belief again and again that, to get a girl, all you need to do is keep harassing her in public (very comfortably called in Hindi as लडक़ी पटाना).

Our beloved society further intensifies how people should behave and how to Judge people expertly.

If you behave like a white man, eat like a white man, dress up like a white man, you’re automatically labelled an elite. If you follow the traditional Indian attire, and talk in Hindi at “elite” places, you’re automatically labelled as a “गांववाला”.

Women, who appear on TV are always “supposed” to be an eye candy for the audience, even if she is not comfortable with that. Nobody cares, because whatever looks great sells great, isn’t it?

The motive of this article is to find, for yourself, if you too are the victim of stereotypical mindset, which is propagated by peer pressure or the media.

You are what you are. 

You don’t really need to fit in. Rather, you need to be yourself, carve out a niche for you in this diversity.

It’s time we take things in our hands and not allow a bunch of Corporations or personalities to control or set a standard of normality. Everyone has a face, and the world has to give them an equal space as everyone else.

In short, be You!
– The curious soul



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